Some Questiones and Answers about Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro


Question 1:
Hello could you recommend a Auto Scanner Tool? My Epb light is on my 2015 chrysler 200
Hi Alegres, that’s a very good question, of course I would like to recommend md808pro from regarding your problem. Actually MD808 Pro can not only help you turn the EPB light off with a full access to all electronic modules of your car, besides, with EPB special function, it also allow you to service the brake pad when it is needed to change in the future. So it is very handy for those who want to work on the backyard.

Question 2:
Hi, I didn’t see any warranty information here, any warranty from this product and is this one water-proof?
Hi friend, Autel guarantees 1 year limited warranty and free software updating for lifetime. You can see the details from Autel’s official website about MaxiDiag MD808 Pro.
This product is not water-proof. This’s an interesting question. :) It seems not necessary to diagnose our vehicle under water, thus Autel didn’t make this product water-proof-able. Otherwise, the price of the product would be unnecessarily higher. But as a certified retailer of Autel, we would like to propose Autel good suggestions. Autel is a customer-driven company

Question 3:
Autel launched another new product md808. what’s the differences between md808 pro and md808?
Hi Kevin. MD808 pro is an more advanced professional scan tool than MD808. Though MD808 and Autel MaxiDiag MD808 PRO are armed the same hardware, MD808 pro has more powerful built-in software system than MD808 pro. MD808 can only access to Engine, Transmission, ABS, and Airbag (SRS) systems while MD808 pro support Read/Clear Codes and Live Data functions for ALL systems.

Question 4:
Is this product genuine? How can I verify it? Thanks
Well, that’s a good question. Of course it’s genuine. We are authorized distributor of AUTEL.
It’s easy to verify the authenticity. Each product has the only serial number. When you purchase this tool, you need to register it to get free software update as well as warranty service. If you can’t register the tool with its serial, then it’s counterfeit. Amazon has free return policy. You don’t need to pay any fee.
BTW, AUTEL is high technology company. Their products are not like a handbag. I don’t think it can be copied. For example, we never heard someone has bought a counterfeit Intel CPU, right? :)

Question 5:
Will this scanner work on 06 chevy duramax with the alison and my 2010 chevy silverado with gas engine and my wifes gmc 2015 acadia thanks
Hi KMB, I got a reply from AUTEL HQ and the answer is yes

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