Both SD connect c4 & Autel MS908P can do Benz SCN coding – SUCCESS

It’s verified that both professional SD connect c4 for Mercedes and Autel MS908P full diagnostic system can perform online SCN coding for Benz vehicles. So, which one is better for Mercedes vehicles? Here, you can learn the differences of SCN coding using MS908P and sdconnect.

Part 1 – SD connect c4 does SCN coding:

Note: coding by SD connect c4 supports all Mercedes vehicles (cars, trucks, buses,etc.)
you should buy online coding service for coding with Super MB STAR C3 or MB SD C4

Check the connection of Mercedes Benz C4 mux, laptop and car in a proper way
Then start the laptop, sdconnect and turn ignition on
Enter user ID and password to log in.
Communication with control unit EGS2…
Data are being determined…
The coding is carried out…
Data are being determined…
Wait 3 seconds…
Switch ignition off
Wait 5 seconds…
Switch on ignition
Control module reset, please wait…
CVN The value is calculated internally by the control unit
Wait 100 seconds…
Data are being determined…
Documentation for repair order WDBNG70J25A457136
The SCN coding sequence has been completed successfully.
Click YES to close the file without making a printout.
Data are being determined…
Communication with control unit ETC…
Go to SCN coding
Select Fault codes
No fault code present
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Part 2 – Autel Maxisys pro MS908P on Youobd2 performs online SCN coding:

Note: SCN coding via MS908P only support Mercedes cars, not trucks, buses…
No need purchase extra coding service

Correctly connect Autel MS908P to J2534 ecu programming device and Mercedes
start MS908P
select Diagnosis
select Europe->Benz
diagnostic program initializing…
select Automatic selection
turn ignition on
reading VIN…
acquire VIN info
select date of manufacturer: as of 12/2015
please select the steering
here, press button Right to select right-hand steering
confirm vehicle info
go to Programming
system data loading…
diagnostic system initializing…
select ME-SFI-Gasoline engine control
diagnostic system initializing…
select Control Module programming, but no newer control module software was found
then go to SCN coding
Bluetooth stops when online coding
enter VIN as a 17-digit code
two steps to perform SCN coding
– step 1 Get SCN data from Server
– step 2 Perform SCN coding
Mercedes SCN coding success!

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