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124032 Nexiq USB Link 2 with Companion Guide

Reviews 1: Great product! We use this on Macks, Cummings, Allison Transmission, etc. Great diagnostics tools. Before buying check with your software provided and make sure it’s compatable. We bought this because we broke our other unit plugging and unplugging the USB cord from the Nexiq unit. Advice keep the USB cord attached to the unit as much as you can.My guys would unplug and then replug push the cord hard into the unit causing the plug male adapter end of the unit to break.

Reviews 2: Packaging and labels are different than other genuine NEXIQ USB links I have purchased. Bought 2 of the links, but only one of them works. Very disapointed with quality of this item. Not sure it is ghenuine NEXIQ.

Reviews 3: Best price for a real USB Link 2. exactly what we needed, best price for a real Nexiq, do not buy imitations. Does the job as intended, amazon delivery fast as usual.

Reviews 4: Perfect order, highly recommend,Order as described, very nice people to deal with. Diagnostiks4u made it a pleasure. Very pleased.

Reviews 5Heavy Duty Truck Scanner Nexiq usb link 2 support more function. Compatible with applications that diagnose engines, transmissions, ABS, instrument panels and more about nexiq usb link2 heavy duty scanner software install .  it is very easy . Easy portability increases flexibility, May be used with desktop PC or laptop.

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