The NEXIQ USB Link 2 no longer comes with any installation media

The USB-Link 2, the next generation vehicle interface from NEXIQ Technologies, has arrived Dependable and rugged, the new NEXIQ-2 USB Link is five times faster than its predecessor It has sixteen times more random access memory than the old USB-Link, and it supports heavier bus loads on simultaneous channels The new Wi-Fi edition supports dual band Wi-Fi, designed to avoid interference and maximize throughput For even more reliability, we?ve upgraded the USB connector to a more robust, automotive grade connector with a latching mechanism The USB-Link 2 is compatible with a wide range of OEM software applications Includes: Latching USB Cable 6 and 9-pin Deutsch adapter
Nexiq has also changed the contents of the package. The Car Diagnostic Tools NEXIQ USB Link 2 no longer comes with any installation media, but this actually makes sense. Since Nexiq appears to update drivers every 60 days or so, the CDs that used to come with the original unit were often outdated by the time the customer received the unit. To force the customer to download the latest versions from their website isn’t a horrible thing, and it also makes sure that customers will always install the most recent version.

New Generation cloned adapters NEXIQ USB Link 2 no longer look different, The counterfieters have discovered the mistakes and corrected them howerver, if the adapter comes with all cables, All software, it is counterfiet. The adapter cannot be updated because nexiq has put in code that will destroy the multiplexer in cloned adapters. Also note that the software included is pirated and doomed to either fail after a few months and/or void customer engine warranty. Plus you are supporting either the Chinese or in the case of pirated software out of Russia or Africa, you are supporting terrorists. Terrorists use this as a method to raise funds.

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